Global helping & learning

By volunteering with the IJFD, Weltwärts or FSJ, you’ll be lending a helping hand for a year to one of our wonderful partner organizations in Ecuador, Canada, Colombia, Nicaragua, the Philippines, South Africa or in the US – though in the end you’ll likely be the one who benefits most from the experience.

Where do you want to go?

Each of the locations where we operate is different. But all of them offer a worthwhile mission, interesting fields of work and opportunities to excel.










Mae Sot


New Orleans


Soweto (KYP)

Soweto (LRC)


What makes us different

Our volunteers are the most important element in what we do. That’s why we do our best to make sure they get all the support they need. Practically every member of the staff at World-Horizon are also alumni of World-Horizon programs. That’s how we’re able to not only show you how to carry out a project but also where you’re most likely to make new friends. We are linked together with our partner organizations and volunteers not only by the goal we share in common with them but also by bonds of personal friendship. Because we all love what we do.

What we provide

From experience, we know exactly what you’ll need for your assignment We not only assume all necessary costs, we also provide certified supervision precisely tailored to your particular assignment.

What we expect from you

We’re looking for self-reliant young people who’re eager to take on new challenges and find out what they’re capable of. Because voluntary service serves mainly to promote your development as a person. And an important part of that involves your complete integration into your new environment and your ability to engage intensively with the local culture and environment. So a basic precondition to your participation in the program is a deep interest in international understanding and in development policy.

As volunteer, you are an integral part of our team and will work with us beyond your assignment abroad. This begins with fundraising prior to the start of your assignment and culminates in your active involvement as an alumni and multiplier after you return from your assignment. But regardless of what you may expectations or hopes may be, what really counts most in the end is what you make of your volunteer service.

One Step at a Time

Challenge accepted?

Our online application process is quick and easy. If you have any questions, check our Frequently Asked Questions section for answers. Or drop us an email.

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