Lending a hand to social aid projects
around the world

What we bring to the table

We provide help to social aid organizations so they are better able to achieve their goals and pursue sustainable development in their communities. We do it by:

Our Partners

We provide assistance to local organizations, because we are convinced that social development can only be made permanent if it is home grown. Our partners are deeply rooted in their own communities and are aware of their people’s needs. They put everything they have into their work, because they know it has a direct impact in their own communities.

Here are three wonderful examples of the kinds of work we support:

Corporación Educativa Popular

Cali, Colombia

The CEP provides over 700 children and youths from low socio-economic backgrounds not only with an excellent education but also with genuinely bright prospects for the future through university scholarships and jobs. World-Horizon builds on this effort by supporting a model school not only with everyday needs but also by providing talented alumni with the opportunity to serve for a year as a volunteer in a public service project in Germany.

Little Brothers – Friends of the Elderly

Boston, Chicago, Hancock, USA

Little Brothers is part of a worldwide movement that seeks to bring older people who live alone out of their isolation. With the support of many volunteer helpers, Little Brothers visits the needy at home, helps them with errands, organizes holiday gatherings and provides emergency aid. World-Horizon has been furnishing support for a number of years to Little Brothers programs in Boston, Chicago and Hancock through volunteers willing to give of their time in providing the needy with comprehensive long-term care.

Kliptown Youth Program

Soweto, South Africa

KYP was created in 2007 by then 25-year-old Thulani Madondo, whose goal was to offer children and youth from this poverty-stricken area with all-round child care outside of school by providing tutoring, meals, sports and numerous other activities. Our volunteers assist by lend the local team a helping hand. In addition, we offer talented KYP alumni an opportunity to serve for a year as a volunteer in a public service project in Germany. The KYP project and its founder garnered international attention for their work.

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World-Horizon is sponsored by

Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development and Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth

Our mission

As a young non-profit organization, our goal is to overcome national and ethnic boundaries and to redress social, financial and cultural deprivation. Through direct encounters between people and points-of-view, we are searching for ways to bring about a more peaceful, just and interconnected society.

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